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Our Advanced Speech
Analytics solution allows to process and analyze audios and texts of the conversations your customers.

We identify patterns and categories, we extract insights from different behaviors and actions, such as feelings, experiences, coping objections and sales, and we use them to design solutions that enhance relationship with your customers.

Analytics platform

Meta Data


Results in
sales processes

The Advanced Speech Analytics solution provides in-depth knowledge of the different pain points in the sales process, allowing the messages and actions of the service team to be redirected to improve results.

We improve the sales rate with specific messages and actions for our largest client in the retail sector.

For our financial client, we achieved a notable increase in the retention rate of their clients.



+20% +30%

Results in

Today the experience perceived by users is essential in care processes. With Advanced Speech Analytics we can analyze interactions and implement immediate actions to offer a better experience to your customers.

We managed to reduce the rate of dissatisfaction at the end of the conversations through constant monitoring.

We increase the percentage of user valuation with specific actions at key moments.



-45% +20%

Results in
process improvements

The different processes in the service channels can be analyzed with Advanced Speech Analytics to learn in depth the opportunities for improvement and redesign them to improve results.

The detailed analysis of the conversations makes it possible to streamline processes and reduce repeated demands for attention.

By redesigning processes, we increased the resolution of cases for our largest client in the telecommunications sector.



-30% +35%

Main Applications

The implementation of advenced speech Analytics can help you find and solve

the different points of pain in managing the experience with your customers.

Evaluation quality

Allows you to make a complete, exhaustive and thorough evaluation of the levels of quality of service.

Control of the actions

It allows to guarantee the operational deployment of the agent evaluating up to 100% of the

Improvement of processes

Help to identify different optimization of the processes and Customer Journey opportunities.

Management operative

Deployment of actions immediate and effective to achieve improvements in the operational metrics.

World-class Tecnology

It is a proprietary development, based on Google Cloud technology and hosted in the cloud that allows us to combine and analyze audio, text and information complementary with international quality levels.

Google Technology

100% Cloud

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Patterns of search unlimited

Immediate access to transcri

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